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Project QBox

... a new computer project!

Intro Introduction
Basics Basic concepts
ColdFire The microcontroller, which powers the QBox
QGraphics The superfast graphicsystem
QAudio The intelligent sound-card/device
QSCSI The multitasking SCSI-Controller
QIO The universal interfaces
QGUI The graphical user interface
BDMDebug My own BDM debug software
ppQBox This is the first test-system for the QBox.

QBox Development News
Doing hardware developments, again
Hardware development After having spent quite a lot of my spare time for several software developments, I have started developing hardware, again. By following the title link you can see some pictures of the setup I have worked with recently.
ColdFire 5206e PCB Layout released
On public request, you now can download the PCB Layout I used for the ppQBox ColdFire CPU-board. For more information, follow the title link.
BDMDebug V1.02 released
Some problems have been fixed. It should now work on WinNT, too.
BDMDebug V1.00 released
This is a powerful Windows based (sorry for this!!!) BDM Debug Tool for Motorola ColdFire CPUs. If you're a developer of hardware designs using this type of CPU, this tool is a "must-have"... :)
Now I can program my ppQBox in C!!
My brother Christian succeeded in making a GNU C ColdFire cross compiler for my SUN.
But this is only the halve thing. The output' ELF-file is not a directly runnable executable file. The platform using it needs a loader for it.
After about 2 days of searching for ELF-manuals, analyzing the output and programming the loader I'm now happy to tell you, that I now have no problems to run C-programs on my ppQBox. Now it should be much more easy to go on with developing the QOS... my own Operating System for the (pp)Qbox... :)

After finishing the network-hardware and adding a small speaker to the board (for some noisy output... :) ), I'm now working on the network software between my Amiga and the ppQBox. It's development state is about 75%, I think. I already have packet transmission between both computers and looking forward to finish the whole thing in some days.
BDMDebug finished
BDMDebug This my ColdFire BDM-Debug interface control program. I had to program it for Wind*ws because I get the needed DLL-file for controlling the interface only there. I'm sure I will make later an Amiga-port of this. I will release this tool it in the next days. More about it you find here.
The ppQBox mainboard!!
ppQBox Mainboard Jippieh!! :) 3 weeks after creating the CPU-board, I successfully finished the mainboard for my ColdFire computer!
The Board has a lot of interesting features: 256kB buffered (GoldCap) high-speed SRAM, 1-64MB PS/2 DRAM, network interface for data exchanges between my Amiga and the ppQBox, programmed GAL's for some IO, two proprietary expansion slots for additional hardware (HardDisk, Sound, IO, GFX, PCI-Slots).
More photos/infos...
Fantastic ColdFire results: The first working CPU-board!
CF5206e first run
This picture is a photo of the soldered and finished board!
You can read a detailed description of the development process of it here.

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