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  • ColdFire CPUs have a special port for debugging: the BDM port.
    The long version of BDM is "Background Debug Mode" and it allows the full control of the ColdFire CPU via a quite simple interface from P&E.
    I got the interface because it is shipped with every ColdFire evaluation board. The hardware comes with an powerful and simple to use DLL-file but without any debug-software.

  • If you start to work with the ColdFire, the BDM-interface is the best way to upload programs to the system memory and to debug it. You have full access to the CPU, its Registers and all connected peripherials.
    Now I had more time to work with my ppQBox and I only had a very simple debug software (I wrote it some months ago) and wanted to have a really good one. Well, this is the result...


  • full access to all ColdFire registers (read and write!)
  • built-in disassembler for powerful debugging
  • singe step mode
  • short-run mode (definable run-time [resolution: 1 ms])
  • memory-monitor with all access modes (byte, word, long)
  • several upload possibilities for code and data
  • download features
  • powerful memory manipulation features
  • memory tester for checking the system memory
  • more things I forgot... :)


  • Windows 95/98/NT
  • pemicro's parallel port BDM debug cable
  • of course a ColdFire-CPU board with BDM-Debug connector for connecting the cable...

Sorry for doing a Windows-version... but P&E had this smart DLL-file and I had not the time to develop a Amiga shared library... surely I will do so later, but as for now the Windows-version should do it... :)


  • Unpack the archive to your harddrive
  • When using WindowsNT, unpack the "ntdriver.zip" archive and follow the included installation procedure.
  • Thats all!


  • This program is copyright (c) 1998-2000 by Stefan Robl <stefan@qdev.de>
    I'm not reponsible for any damage my program makes on your computer/hardware. Use it at your own risk!

  • If you like my work, you are welcome to appreciate my programming efforts by sending me a donation of your choice.
    As example you can send me some money or useful things like hardware (some chips, computer components, etc.)... :)
    Thanks a lot in advance!! ;-)
Feel free to donate to my work using the above link!

Improvements, bugreports, suggestions, GIFTWARE presents (see above!) etc. are welcome.


  • V1.00
    ** first official release **
  • V1.02
    - BDMDebug now works under WindowsNT, too! (only, if using the ntdriver included!)
    - Removed a bug with the saved settings. The old version saved the settings into the last used directory. fixed.
    - The disassembler had a problem with decoding the "NOT Dx" command. fixed.
    - The disassembler MemoBox is now a ListBox, the current executed command is now centered and marked in the mid of the box. Now there is also a PopUpMenu for saving the contents of this box.

Updates / Links

Here is a screenshot of the program:

(click for larger image)
You can download BDMDebug here as Giftware (see above!).

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