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What happened so far...
Experiments with the microwave oven
Halogen lamp in microwave oven Yet again I did some interesting experiments with my microwave oven - but this time documented with videos and pictures. Find out more by following the title link.

Always remember:
The reproduction of these experiments is quite dangerous and probably will destroy your microwave oven!

So please don't try such things yourself!!
Not recommended for reproduction... ;-)
(click to enlarge)
As it should sufficiently be known, I am a fan of strange experiments - that means small things with a great effect... Because of that, I became anxiously to do something with a lamp which sayed goodbye with a small >Plopp<...

As I'm a fan of plasma light effects and because I already have reached great results with coils in the microwave field to produce large sparks (I also succeeded to make other things to send out light, too...), the idea was not too far away: that lamp had to be tested in my microwave oven...
Hmm... what shall I say: the plasma light I have reached in this experiment was the best I have ever seen in my microwave. However, after about 3 seconds of operation (at 70Watts of microwave power), the fulminant joy of light found an end with a last and final (but much more fulminant...) big bang which unfortunately for sure did disturb the sleep of some inhabitants here in Gerlingen... ;-)

Fascinating how robust the construction of those microwave oven doors are... ;-)

This experiment is explicitely not recommended for reproduction!!!

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