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Welcome to my Homepage!

On this homepage you will find information about my Soft- and Hardwareprojects for several computer systems. The navigation bars on the left and top will bring you directly to the different topics. The language selection between German and English is done automatically if your browser is properly configured; should you prefer another language, please click on the desired flag on the top-right.

Please also sign my Guestbook. Accolade and criticism is highly welcome. I will try to improve the content of this homepage according your suggestions. I would be also happy to get feedback regarding my projects - what do you like/dislike and what do you want to see in the future?

But now I wish you much fun by searching about these pages!

Stefan Robl

Homepage Update History
DPMSManager V1.20 released
A lot of good new features (shell support, NOMOUSE, deactivateable DPMS-stages, ...) were added!
Now I can program my ppQBox in C!!
My brother Christian succeeded in making a GNU C ColdFire cross compiler for my SUN.
But this is only the halve thing. The output' ELF-file is not a directly runnable executable file. The platform using it needs a loader for it.
After about 2 days of searching for ELF-manuals, analyzing the output and programming the loader I'm now happy to tell you, that I now have no problems to run C-programs on my ppQBox. Now it should be much more easy to go on with developing the QOS... my own Operating System for the (pp)Qbox... :)

After finishing the network-hardware and adding a small speaker to the board (for some noisy output... :) ), I'm now working on the network software between my Amiga and the ppQBox. It's development state is about 75%, I think. I already have packet transmission between both computers and looking forward to finish the whole thing in some days.
BDMDebug finished
BDMDebug This my ColdFire BDM-Debug interface control program. I had to program it for Wind*ws because I get the needed DLL-file for controlling the interface only there. I'm sure I will make later an Amiga-port of this. I will release this tool it in the next days. More about it you find here.
Homepage updated
Because I now have some free time (semester holidays), I now have more time to work on my projects.
  • If you want to read more about the current status, please look here.
  • If you want to see my room how and where I do this, look at the pictures provided here.
  • Now you can download also my PGP-key.
GuestBook added
Now I have installed a GuestBook on my page. Feel free to add comments about this page and my projects!
FMdriverVHI 1.1 released
This VHI driver fixes some problems and runs well with the V4 of VLRecNG.
ArtecScan2.00alpha2 released
For registered users of ArtecScan: Here is now the release of the alpha2 version of the new ArtecScan2.0. It should solve several problems. Please contact me how this version works on your machine!
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2000!
English version / German version
ArtecScan2.00alpha1 released
For registered users of ArtecScan: Here is the release of the alpha1 version of the new ArtecScan2.0. It should solve some problems with AT3 and AT6 scanners. Please contact me how this version works on your machine!
Amiga AutoConfig(TM) Card
On request, I have added an image with infos about my autoconfig card prototype.

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