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Summary 2005 / Year 2006 greetings
English Version / Deutsche Version

Dear friends and users of my programs!

Even though the year 2005 was job-related a very time intensive and demanding year, I've tried to have an agenda with my personal interests.
Thus, I have designed and implemented at the beginning of 2005 a high-performance and very good scalable virtual machine (VM) which is suitable equally good for a small 8bit microcontroller as well as for a desktop computer. As next goals, I want to enhance this system for distributed computing plus further investigate possible performance enhancements.
In this context I am proud to announce the design and implementation of my own compiler. The compiler processes source code very similar to the programming language C and generates the bytecode required for the formerly mentioned VM. Even though the compiler requires some more months of work, I already have an alpha version which works to a large degree. Further details about these developments I want to publish at a later moment (but not necessarily 2006).
Unfortunately, my hardware developements are to a large amount still "on ice"; after all I was able to finish a since months almost ready layout of my GB60 microcontroller board and to give it into production. The result of this work can be seen here.

My development works for the desktop systems Amiga and Mac OS X unfortunately were slowed down because of my job-related burden. However, I also have some news in this area which I surely can publish 2006.

For those of you who know me personally, it may sound unbelievable - but it is true: I really have found a liking in a sportive activity: mountain biking. Even though I mostly had only time on weekends, I reached more than 1200 km (750 miles) length of run within 5 months in 2005. For somebody who hate(s/d) any sportive activity, a quite remarkable distance, isn't it? ;-)

2006 I want to answer more e-mails than I did in 2005 (unfortunately a lot of e-mails stayed unanswered - I apologize myself for that!). I also hope to finally find more time for my hardware developments, again. Time will tell how I can achive these intentions in the real world...

On all accounts, I want to wish you all the best for the New Year 2006!


   Stefan Robl

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