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Christmas 2002 / Year 2003 greetings
English Version / Deutsche Version

Dear friends and users of my programs!

This year I want to again take the opportunity to report a bit "of my year 2002".
January, was dedicated to my diploma thesis which I finished in time on january 2002, 14. During the summer semester I had to work on my last remainig test in my studies, which I passed "as expected" successfully. As consequence, I received my diploma and now I can add "Dipl.-Inf. (FH)" to my name... :-)
After my studies of computer sciences I thought about what to do after that. As I had always a enourmous interest on physics, I decided to study physics at the university Regensburg.

Besides my "learning efforts", I of course also did some development work in the field of computers. A for me very important thing was my new (this) homepage. After I had compared the quality and prices of several webhosters and after developing a powerful method to provide a multi-language, browser-independant version of my homepage, I was able to publish the new design on 2002-09-04. Some months of translation-work and intensive tests transferred seamlessly into practical use.
I'm very happy to see that the accesses to my homepage increased after the change remarkably and that I'm now able to also support German-only visitors with information, too.

A very astonishing development happened also to my MacOS X-based tool "ExifRenamer" which I was able to release a short time ago to the public. This program seems to be used in the meanwhile by several thousands hobby-, amateur- and professional photographers. The feedback is overhelming and I'm almost not able to keep step with implementing the suggestions of the users.
I want to release some more MacOS X-applications in 2003 which already have shown very helpful in daily use on my machine. They need a bit finalization, though.

The highlight of my software development is surely my work for AmigaOS 4. I was able to improve my two projects AmiDock and application.library remarkably after the last public announcement and I'm very eager to know how both projects will be accepted by the users of the final version of OS 4!

Finally, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2003!


   Stefan Robl

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