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216.  Simon  72020-05-15 11:43:54  
 I came here to write the same as Gianni below has written, thanks so much for exifrenamer. Such an easy to use and straight forward app for such a useful function.

FYI, I tried to use the paypal donate button in the app but it reaches a 'page not found' link on paypal. Link on your website seems to work fine though, so enjoy a beer on me
215.  Gianni  72020-04-05 14:33:52  
 Hi, thanks for your app (ExifRenamer) is very very good app.

You works is very good and pro.
214.  Leczenie Boreliozy Warszawa  72020-01-09 17:01:01  
 I like your site! Very nice!
213.  Mike Foston  72020-01-01 21:58:21  

I recently had a full hard disk crash and when I received my backups I found I had a huge problem with multiple copies of many photos. I had to use a number of Apps to work through this, and the final stage was to get them back into date order and with correct file names.

Your application did this, for over 65000 photos in just a few hours. I was very happy to send you a donation, and am very grateful you made this program available, I had tried a few others before I found yours, the ability to update the creation date,, from the EXIF date was awesome and the perfect solution to my problem.

Thank you.
212.  anonymous visitor  72019-11-07 10:29:45  
 exif renamer ist top. gibt es bald eine ios version. das wäre supernützlich, um fotos und videos zu ordnen.
211.  Tony Duvall   2019-08-04 23:12:59  
 Love the program, but it seems when you move your pictures around for Mac to Mac the EXIF dates gets screwed up and causes problems. The one thing I can't figure out is how to make the program create a new folder for each series of pictures when the date changes. All I can get it to do is create a new folder for every picture dropped in the program. I just can figure it out when one of the older updates states this can be done. Anyway a great program.
210.  V.  72019-06-22 11:52:34  
 Danke für dieses Tool, Stefan! Es tut genau das, was es soll und erspart mir viele Stunden Arbeit. Als ich gesehen habe, dass es sogar Zeitstempel von Videos unterstützt, bin ich fast vom Stuhl gefallen vor Freude. Großartige Arbeit! Dafür habe ich dir sehr gerne eine Spende zukommen lassen.
209.  s7ephen  72019-02-10 01:47:19  
 Thank you for ExifRenamer! I've been looking for something like this which doesn't have an insane learning curve or any RegEx utilities to confuse me. Works perfect!
208.  Antoine  72018-12-22 01:44:37  
 Thank you very much for the Exifrenamer tool! I'm currently in holiday and taking a lot of pictures, it's exactly what I needed.
You really deserve some donation :)
207.  Bas  72018-11-27 17:11:03  
 Thanks so much for the exifrenamer tool. This will save so much time renaming and archiving files.
Can't believe you're providing software like this for free, so left some as donation.

Thank you!
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