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for PLCC84 Xilinx FPGAs

FPGA84dev top view

FPGA84dev side view
This board is a very old design. I began my work with FPGAs using the XC4003 devices from Xilinx. At that time, I had the need for a small development board. I created a board which provides a socket for the PLCC84 FPGA, all I/Os wired to connectors, two input switches, four LEDs, the programming connector and a reset-button. The I/O-signals can be used using flat ribbon cable in another development board (see also this picture).

This board worked very well for years. Some time ago, I switched to the higher-capacity and much advanced Spartan series of FPGAs and as I decided to discontinue my work with the old 4000 series FPGAs, I reworked the board and added a 3.3V voltage regulator for the FPGA power supply. The current board houses a XCS10XL device which provides a lot of space for own designs.

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