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Screenshot of VLRecNG
(Screenshot of VLRecNG [click for bigger image])

Felix Schwarz of Innovative developed a new standard for the Amiga - VHI.
VHI is a new independent video driver system with allows the usage of different video boards over the same programming interface (API).
Every board which has an VHI driver can be used with any software which supports the VHI driver concept.

For example: Someone wants to write a video conferencing system.
Without VHI he would have to write his own drivers for each card he want to have supported.
With VHI he has nothing to do with drivers for different boards - he only has to implement the VHI-interface. After that he has all video cards supported!
VLRecNG (versions >=3.5) is the first program which supports VHI.

Felix asked me to write a VHI driver for the FrameMachine and I decided to do so.
Well, above you can see the result: the FrameMachine works under VLRecNG... ;)

FMdriverVHI is GIFTWARE. So if you use it, please send me a donation!

You can download FMdriverVHI here.

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