A500Flash This tiny board is a FlashROM-Programmer I have built some time ago. It supports DIL32 and PLCC32 sized FlashROMs. The interface is created using a Xilinx XC9536 CPLD which contains the needed glue logic to the A500 Expansion bus.

This board is no Zorro-Board. It does only work on old machines (A500/A1000/A2000) without ZorroIII-slots. It is just selected by doing address-decoding; autoconfiguration logic is not included.

As the used A500 only has Kickstart 1.3 without a harddrive, I decided to write the programmer software using AMOS Professional. This way, I can put the full, booting Flash programmer software on one DD-Floppy.
This little hardware has helped me a lot of times during misc hardware development- and repair-jobs. Well - unfortunately I didn't already have it as I had to flash my first FlashBIOS... :-)
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