EPROMEmu For some time, my strange S-EPROMEmu did the job of emulating a EPROM rather well. But it had a big disadvantage: reprogramming the "EPROM" made it necessary to insert the device into the programming microcontroller-system. Because of this - and the slow speed of the used Controller - I needed a more powerful EPROM-Emulator.

After some frustrating hours with S-EPROMEmu, I decided to develop a high-speed EPROM-Emulator. The result can be seen here. The Emulator has a 62256 SRAM (32kB) and the EPROMEmu is connected using a parallel cable to the Amiga's parallel port.
A small controlling-tool manages the file-upload. The whole upload of 32kB is now finished in about 0.2 seconds... Compared to the several minutes/hours needed for programming S-EPROMEmu this is light-speed... ;-)
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