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CasioRenamer V1.0 released
Some weeks ago, I wrote a little tool which is able to rename digital photos by its embedded date informations to avoid naming styles like "pic0001.jpg". This program names the pictures after their time information in the style "YYYY-MM-DD_hh-mm-ss.jpg". I decided that this program could be useful for some other users, too. Amiga-Users can use for this purpose my AmiCamedia program, available at Haage&Partner.
CasioRenamer was written for Mac OS X 10.1

Amiga-Users: Please don't think that I will stop development for AmigaOS! I'm just rather busy at the moment (diploma thesis!) and have no time for larger projects. My current plans are also targetted at the next-generation Amigas (AmigaOne/Pegasos) using high-speed G3/G4 CPUs. More to come. :-)
DPMSManager V1.23 released
Sorry. The last release didn't solve the problem completely. Also forgot to remove a 10 seconds delay used for debugging.
DPMSManager V1.22 released
This update fixes a small problem with VisualPrefs.
Added a new applet to the Java Applets page
First of all, sorry for the silence. Can't help. I really have enough to do at the moment. Anyway, if you're interested, have a look at the Java Applets-page to see the FuzzyLogic-based WaterMixApplet.
FMdriver 1.25 released
I'm glad to announce the availability of FMdriver V1.25 which contains some very useful enhancements. Now you can save and load several different video configurations (for example for 4:3 and 16:9), make time-lapse animations with FMRecorder. There were also a lot of minor fixes, FMdriver should be now really almost be perfect... ;-)
FMdriverVHI V1.25 released
This is a completely reworked version of my first FrameMachine VHI driver. This one should now really remove any problems caused in conjunction with VHI. You now also can use your several different configurations of the FMdriver system in your favourite VHI application. This VHI driver bases to 100% on my newframemachine.libary which is included on the FMdriver package (you need to download this for using this driver, too!).
FMdriver V1.14 beta released
This is the beta version of my FrameMachine video driver, it should be again a little bit faster and has a lot of more features than the last public release. Until february 2001, I cannot provide very good support for this as I now want to freeze all my projects to go on with my study. Thanks for your patience!
vlife applet released
Now the Java version of AVL is finally finished and available on my Java Applets page.
Opened up a Java Applets page
This new site contains some small funny and/or useful Java Applets which I mainly wrote to satisfy my interests in java coding... :)
AmigaMPEGPlayer V1.02 for the AmigaSDK released
AmigaMPEGPlayer now is up to 25% faster and has a file requester.

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