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Guestbook of Stefan Robl

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20.  Stefan Robl   2000-04-05 09:05:43  
 Ingo: MP3's on a 5206 is IMHO not possible. But I think about making a hardware add-on which can do Video- and Audio(de)compression... The Applet "AVL" was never completely finished, the original is faster and better anyway... :)
19.  Ingo Frank   2000-04-04 15:45:01  
 Hallo GOH - God Of Hardware ;-) Ich hoffe mal, die Qbox kann bald MP3s abspielen. Auf jeden Fall noch viel Erfolg bei der Weiterentwicklung. Warum finde ich eigentlich Dein Game-of-Live-Applet nirgends auf der Homepage?
18.  Quan Nguyen   2000-04-02 17:47:58  
 Felicitation Good Luck on your new project
17.  X-RAY   2000-03-05 19:16:57  
 Greetings from Switzerland and RELEC team! About QBox, congratulations for your nice projects and your work:)
16.  Juan Carlos Marcos   2000-03-03 16:25:10  
 You are a bloody genius!
15.  Stephen Green   2000-03-01 09:43:34  
 It looks like we have duplicated efort here (Coldfire BDM debug). Ihave written an extended debugger (no windows interface though). However I have implemented symbolic debugging which I found to be very useful and you are welcome to the code if you are interested.
14.  Chris Johns   2000-03-01 03:59:18  
 Nice product. It would be nice to use the GPL BDM driver. Do you use NT ? I am doing remote support for it using TCP. Any interest ?
13.  Michail Bimpasis   2000-02-29 20:58:25  
 Was die Seite betrifft, mein Kompliment:-) Was dein QBox Projekt betrifft, mein Respekt!! Ich bin gespannt, was daraus wird und wŁnsche Dir viel Erfolg damit!
12.  Borut   2000-02-29 16:56:42  
 Ist eine klasse Seite! Super Design (der springende Boingball gefaellt mir besonders gut - wo kriegt man den?). Der Inhalt ist auch TOP! Man koennte glatt neidig werden, wenn man so sieht wie talentiert einige Menschen sind! Weiter so - und viel Erfolg mit dem Computerprojekt - bist ja schon ganz schoen weit! Ciao - Borut
11.  Markus   2000-02-29 04:57:21  
 Hi Stefan! Nice to see you are still working on your projects like the Qbox. I always tend to leave my old work unfinished and go to something new that I find more exciting... and unfortunately I did not have the Internet to publish my work more than 10 years ago when I actually did something useful on the Amiga. (dreaming of the "good old days" now :-) The homepage I specified is NOT mine (I don't have a public homepage), but check it out folks if you have some time. It's a pretty f**ked up page. Can't promise if it runs on non-windozed systems though. BTW, your homepage immediately crashes my computer (Win98, IE4.01sp2) - it may be a video driver problem though. Who cares, with Netscape everything works just fine. Just thought I'd mention it to give you some reason to laugh.
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