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A500/A1000 ZorroII Autoconfig Card
for the 86-pin Zorro slot

A500-ZorroII-Board Believe it or not - by cleaning up my desk where I usually create new hardware-components, I found between a number of some selfmade hardware boards a strange-looking one...

Well, for a fraction of a second I wondered what it was...
Wow! I really forgot, that I started to implement the Zorro-Autoconfig logic in a board for the A500... ;-)
This board is several years old now. I choose the A500 because it is cheap and easy to repair if my board would blow it up... I didn't want to risk my expensive A3000/A4000 by trying such a hardware... :)

As it worked correctly, I later implemented the second "real" ZII-Board, you can have a look at it here.

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