Java Applets

On this page you can find some small and funny/useful Java Applets for your Java environment (WebBrowser, AppletViewer, AmigaSDK).


This Applet is a "snow simulation" which shows a quite realistic snow movement.
It allows the usage of a custom background image and several different parameters.
Here is the source of this applet.

Here are some examples:

SnowFlakes Trees     SnowFlakes Lines

SnowFlakes V1     SnowFlakes V_1     SnowFlakes V_2

Click on the preview pictures for the running applet.


vlife is a project made in "Object Oriented Programming" during my study.
It is based on my old AVL program for AmigaOS.
vlife is an interesting applet which shows a simulation of life forms, called microbes.

For the full description, the applet, source and class documentation, click at the preview:



This Applet is a rotating spiral effect.
Just watch about one minute concentrated on the middle of the spiral and then look onto a object... crazy eh'? ;-)
Here is the source of this applet.

Click on the preview for the running applet:



This Applet was done as a project for my study in "Neuronal Networks".
It is a Fuzzy Logic which mixes cold and hot water in an unsharp way until it reaches the volume of 10 liters and the desired temperature.
If you want to know more, just ask me!

Click on the preview for the applet:

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