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PPCjpeg is a simple but very fast JPEG viewer for Amigas having a PPC inside and WarpOS running.
The viewer supports as far as I know all image types of JPEG and opens a window on a public screen (default: default public screen). The public screen must be running under CyberGraphX or Picasso96 in Hi/True-Color (>=15 Bit).
PPCjpeg is also able to display images which are bigger than your Workbench screen, you can scroll around in the image (using scroll-bars and/or the cursor keys).

The cursor key-scrolling supports the following types:
  • 20-pixel scrolling (just press the cursor keys)
  • 200-pixel scrolling (press SHIFT together with the cursor keys)
  • single pixel scrolling (alt and the cursor keys)
  • "border jumping" (ALT, SHIFT and the cursor keys together)

The program also displays the file name, size (pixels), raw-size (kb/MB) and the type (color, grayscale) of the loaded JPEG image.

PPCjpeg also supports to save the decoded image as PPM-file (just use the menu entry "Save as PPM...").

You can download PPCjpeg here.

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