DPMSManager is a small DPMS energy saving tool for computers equipped with a CyberGraphics/Picasso96-supporting Gfx-Board.

DPMSManager supports the three DPMS energy-saving methods of modern monitors (STANDBY, SUSPEND, POWEROFF).
You can specify the delay time for each DPMS-stage.

The main idea of DPMSManager is to have DPMS-functions in conjunction with other screenblankers (if so, then you have to set the DPMS-times of course longer than the blanker times!!) or just as standalone-program which provides the energy saving methods.

This program is a redesign of my CGXBlanker, the idea for it had Paul "ExiE" Strejcek.

Thanks, Paul for this good idea!

You can download DPMSManager here.
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