AmiCamedia AmiCamedia is a driver for digital photo cameras providing a serial interface and supporting the Olympus serial protocol. I have developed AmiCamedia for Haage&Partner. The program description below is Haage&Partner's official product description.

AmiCamedia is a simple to use but powerful program for downloading pictures from Olympus digital cameras. It supports cameras that use a serial connection to transfer images to the computer. AmiCamedia supports transfer speeds up to 230.400 Baud if you have a good serial IO card.
AmiCamedia has powerful GUI interface with lots of features. You can load previews from all the images and decide which images to download afterwards. Or you simply transfer all images with out the need to download preview images first.
AmiCamedia provides buttons for selecting and deselecting all images, inverting the selection and deleting of images. Each preview image has an context menu which allows to download, delete, select, deselect, protect or unprotect each picture.
There are also some other nice features like autodeleting downloaded picture and different choices for file-naming. You can have your images named with date and time so that they appear chronologically in a drawer.

You can buy AmiCamedia here.
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