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About me...

Photo of Stefan Robl (2007)
A picture of me during my vacation in summer 2007...
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Some infos about me:

My name is Stefan Robl, I'm currently 39 years old and I love it to work with computers and electronics. I'm interested in almost everything concerning these topics...

I have studied Computer Science at the Fachhochschule Regensburg and successfully finished it with the title Dipl.-Inf. (FH).
I wrote my diploma thesis with the title "Entwurf und Realisierung eines generischen StepUp/Down-Reglermoduls auf Basis eines Embedded Controllers" (Design and Implementation of a generic stepup/down-converter module on the basis of an embedded controller) at Siemens VDO. Unfortunately, this work contains confidential information and cannot be published.

As my interests in physics and sciences is big, I studied physics at the Universität Regensburg for a short time. However, I ended this study very early as my main interest is definitely computer science.

For program development I use mainly C++, Python and ObjectiveC/Swift. The other languages I'm using more or less regularly are JavaScript, Java, AmosPro (Basic), ARexx, Assembler (68k, ColdFire, 68HC08, 8051, PIC, Elate-VP, x86), AmigaE, Delphi/Pascal and PHP.
My favourite computer systems are Amiga- and Macintosh-based computers but I also work on a selfmade computer system named "QBox".

As written above, my second hobby is electronics - even if I program curently much more than building new computer interfaces and such things... My knowledges in electronics are quite good and I use mainly digital circuits like FPGA's, CPLD's, GAL's (PLD's) and microcontrollers.

During my studies of Computer Science, I worked together with several companies like Infineon, Siemens VDO, Haage&Partner, Met@box AG, Hyperion Entertainment and ah-engineering.

Don't hesitate to write me an eMail: stefan@qdev.de

Contact information

Name Stefan Robl
Age 39
Title Dipl.-Inf. (FH)
Current job System Architect
for Embedded Soft- and Hardware
Postal Address
Stefan Robl
Stenderhof 17
46569 Hünxe
Mobile phone
+49 151 22651015
0151 / 22651015
eMail stefan@qdev.de
WWW http://www.qdev.de
Wikipedia nickname Srobl
Twitter @qdev_de

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