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ExifRenamer Erlaubt das Umbenennen von Digitalfotos anhand des Datums/der Uhrzeit, an dem es "geschossen" wurde. Unterstützt auch Video und Sound. Arbeitet zusammen mit den meisten Kameras.

macOS Software Neuigkeiten
ExifRenamer V2.4.0 veröffentlicht
Hier sind die Änderungen in dieser Version:
  • ExifRenamer is now a Universal macOS Binary and runs on the super cool Apple Silicon Macs and Intel Macs natively.
  • ExifRenamer did not update the creation date (if this option was activated) for the case that the file name didn't change during renaming.
  • Fixed a daylight savings time problem when handling RIFF/AVI file formats.
  • Fixed broken PayPal link.
Hinweis zur Kompatibilität von ExifRenamer zu macOS "Catalina"
Aufgrund der Tatsache, daß ich immer wieder Anfragen zur Kompatibilität von ExifRenamer zu macOS "Catalina" erhalte:
Seit Version 2.2.0 ist ExifRenamer eine 64bit-Applikation. Im Laufe von 2018/2019 habe ich einige Zeit in das Aufräumen des Quellcodes von ExifRenamer gesteckt, um eine moderne Implementierung dieser Applikation anbieten zu können.
Als Ergebnis konnte ich ExifRenamer erfolgreich unter den Beta- und Finalversionen von macOS Catalina testen! :-)
ExifRenamer V2.3.3 veröffentlicht
Hier sind die Änderungen in dieser Version:
  • Added support for file formats using the QuickTime movie container (MOV, MPEG4, MP4, M4V, ...).
  • Fixed a problem which caused a crash when ExifRenamer tried to append evaluated file type suffix information.
  • Fixed a problem with retrieving a correct date/time from RIFF/AVI file formats.
  • Added support for the ancient JPEG "Picture Info" tag which was used by certain old cameras.
  • Added the possibility to filter out all Exif dates which appear before a definable date. This allows to deal with unset camera clocks or broken time stamp information.
  • ExifRenamer now allows to use the file modification date as date/time source, as well (selectable within naming style preferences).
  • Changed the way how ExifRenamer handles hidden files and folders: Previously, only files with "." as prefix were ignored. Now, all files and folders (!) which are invisible within the Finder are ignored. This option can be disabled.
  • Added the possibility to add a suffix to the counter. This makes it possible to recreate the Finder's typical "Name (2).jpg" scheme in case of multiple files with identical names.
  • Fixed the behaviour of the subsecond options %b and %B to match the description.
ExifRenamer V2.3.2 veröffentlicht
Hier sind die Änderungen in dieser Version:
  • Fixed a bug which caused ExifRenamer to "forget" several preferences settings.
  • Fixed some typos in the German translation.
  • Improved the version check mechanism to correctly show update information when using beta versions of ExifRenamer, as well.
ExifRenamer V2.3.1 veröffentlicht
Hier sind die Änderungen in dieser Version:
  • ExifRenamer is now able to create hierarchical folder structures when moving the pictures. For example, you can now generate folder structures like YEAR/MONTH/DAY/picturename.
  • Fixed multiple typos within application and documentation texts.
  • Reduced the size of the enclosed introduction/documentation PDFs.
  • Added support for the "Hardened Runtime" on macOS 10.14.
  • ExifRenamer is now a so called "Notarized App" which means it is checked through Apple's security servers. This feature was introduced by Apple with macOS Mojave.
  • Added twitter links to the about window and the documentation.
  • Added the possibility to extract and use GPS location information as placeholder.
  • Fixed the missing realtime update of the name preview when typing within the prefix/suffix text fields of the confirm file/folder windows.
ExifRenamer V2.3.0 veröffentlicht
Hier sind die Änderungen in dieser Version:
  • Integrated the new application icon which was designed by Benjamin. Thank you so much Benjamin for your incredible work and effort you've put into this topic! The new appearance of ExifRenamer was worth an increase in the middle digit of the version number... ;-)
  • Fixed a problem within preferences, where the substring type popup button was not updated with the saved setting.
  • Added a dedicated "Drag&Drop Window" for those users who do not want to use ExifRenamer's application icon as drag&drop-target.
  • The renaming confirmation window is now shown directly below the renaming progress window.
  • Fixed a bug which caused ExifRenamer to assume that no change in the file name means "file already exists".
  • The file/folder status in the confirm info window is now updated during typing.
  • Added support for adding subsecond information to the format string.
  • Fixed a problem where ExifRenamer used the wrong prefix/suffix setting when a custom prefix was set within the "confirm each file" dialog but the renaming was performed without "Confirm each file" option active.
  • Added the option to evaluate the file type suffix from the file contents.
  • Added the option to skip renaming if a file date was not retrievable, at all.
  • Added support for macOS Mojave's "dark mode".
  • Limited the automatic update check to a maximum of once every 24 hours.
  • Applied UI improvements for Retina displays.
ExifRenamer V2.2.3 veröffentlicht
Hier sind die Änderungen in dieser Version:
  • Fixed the application signing process to avoid a warning from macOS Gatekeeper about the app being from a non verified macOS developer.
ExifRenamer V2.2.2 veröffentlicht
Hier sind die Änderungen in dieser Version:
  • Corrected handling for handling endianess of RAW files (Motorola/Intel)
  • Fixed detection and processing of Nikon RAW files (.NEF)
  • Added the option to drop files to the about window for easier drag&drop operation.
  • Fixed a serious bug which caused the "Skip" button to operate identically to the "Rename" button.
  • Fixed support of TIFF format.
  • Implemented an automatic update check on application launch (deactivatable).
  • ExifRenamer now opens the about window if the dock icon was clicked while ExifRenamer is still running.
  • Completely reworked the user interface to allow easy translation to other languages.
    If you would like to translate ExifRenamer to your language, please contact me!
ExifRenamer V2.2.1 veröffentlicht
Diese Version behebt eine Menge Fehler, die durch die massiven Überarbeitungen, die für Version 2.2.0 erforderlich waren, zustande kamen.
Hier sind die Änderungen in dieser Version:
  • Fixed the App Icon by replacing the old .icns file with an Images.xcassets variant.
  • Fixed a serious bug which made ExifRenamer unusable if one of the new Exif format string options (%xE) was used.
  • Added support for adding further Exif Information to the file names of the renamed pictures using the different %xE options. I added this option somewhen within the last 8 years, forgot about it and accidentally released it in a buggy state in 2.2.0.
  • Added support for the second generation Canon RAW format (CR2).
  • Fixed handling of certain RIFF/AVI/WAV date/time formats.
  • Fixed the "delete files" option which was accidentally deactivated in the last release.
  • Removed debug outputs.
  • Integrated this "Version History" text into ExifRenamer's "Donation Information" window.
  • After confirming the "Donation Information" window, the "About" window is now shown instead of the "Preferences" window.
  • Changed the shortcut for opening the "Preferences" window from Cmd+P to the commonly used Cmd+, shortcut.
  • Cleaned up Info.plist contents to match the latest recommendations for macOS.
  • Performed a whole lot of internal code cleanup.
ExifRenamer V2.2.0 veröffentlicht
Hey, ich bin zurück nach so vielen Jahren! Stay tuned! :-)

Nachdem ich eine komplette Neuentwicklung von ExifRenamer in Swift begonnen hatte, wurde mir mehr und mehr klar, dass dieses Projekt mehr Zeit kosten würde, als mir momentan in meiner Freizeit zur Verfügung steht.
Da ein Update von ExifRenamer dringend benötigt wurde (durch die 64bit-Anforderung von macOS High Sierra), entschloss ich mich zur alten Code-Basis zurückzugehen und die "Swiftifizierung" auf inkrementeller Basis in der Zukunft durchzuführen.
Es war eine große Aufgabe, den antiken Code von ExifRenamer mit der neuesten Version von Xcode compilierfähig zu bekommen. Eine Menge von internen Aufräumarbeiten und Veränderungen waren erforderlich. Am Ende habe ich jedoch ExifRenamer "zum Leben erweckt"... :-)
ExifRenamer ist nun eine 64bit- und 32bit-Applikation (x86) mit dem Zielsystem macOS 10.11 oder neuer.

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