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226.  Hans-Jörg Meister  72021-02-18 10:31:14  
 Hi, vielen Dank über die Jahre! ExifRenamer ist elementar! - Eine Frage: die Belichtungszeit wird nach der Umbenennung bei mir leider nicht als Bruch (1/250) (wie in den Exif-Daten zu sehen)angezeigt sondern als 0,004 - ist das zu ändern?
225.  sam  72021-01-18 02:16:17  
 love your home page!!

i am going to try your exit application.
224.  Brian  62020-11-29 20:54:48  
 Hi, I have definitely used "trial/shareware" and even used some software beyond its trial limitations before but this is one of the few S/W I paid for after just trying it out on one sample use case. I have a large backlog of photos for which this will prove incredibly valuable! Thank you. Appreciate the continued development.
223.  Doug Robinson  72020-11-19 04:23:34  
 I use your ExifRenamer program all the time. Please continue your work on it. Donated :-)
222.  Latier  72020-10-26 23:09:16  
 The paypal donate link in ExifRenamer is invalid, so I had to use the one on this website. Thanks for making the incredibly usefull software! :D
221.  HP Printer Assistant   2020-05-28 09:58:24  
 HP Printer Assistant prompts to connect a new printer because the printer information in HP Printer Assistant and Windows is lost after upgrading the Windows.
220.  Webroot Login   2020-05-28 09:57:37  
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