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Friends Roland Menzel's Homepage Chris Kennedy's Homepage - A talented musician! Ingo Frank's Homepage Alexander Heinze's Homepage Wolfgang Pausch's Homepage
Amiga The developers of Amiga OS 4: Hyperion Entertainment A fantastic environment which brings Amiga OS (Classic) to your current operating system! Amiga-News - Amiga Community Portal AmiNet - Amiga Software Archive Amiga Hardware Database Amiga Inc.
Macintosh Apple Computer Inc. MacUpdate: Mac OS X Software VersionTracker: Mac OS X Software Macintosh News Macintosh News FanZine
Hardware Freescale Semiconductor (ColdFire, PowerPC, ...), the former semiconductor division of Motorola Freescale Semiconductor user forum Xilinx (FPGAs & CPLDs) CadSoft (Eagle Layout Software) P&E Microcomputer Systems (Motorola MCU Tools) ImageCraft (ICC08 C-Compiler) 68HC08 NoICE-Debugger Rolf Hemmerling's Homepage with interesting ColdFire-links "Roger's Embedded Microcontrollers Home Page" with a lot of interesting links Oliver Thamm's HC08 Web Oliver Thamm's HC12 Web FPGAs for having fun with them! Free source codes in VHDL for FPGAs and CPLDs Semiconductor portal site (german language)
Interesting webpages This site deals with very nice photos (including short descriptions) of a huge collection of old and rare computer chips.
General The excellent and free online encyclopedia "Wikipedia" Heise Newsticker The Register ... wissenschaft online - Newsticker ZDF heute

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